apéro. brunch

Farm to table organic brunch menu

Saturday & Sunday : 11:30 - 16:00 (LO:15:00)

Every week end, we provide you with a delicious and healthy brunch menu. Farm to table ingredients, champagne, fine wine, great coffees and more selected products from apéro.


Chilled korinki (japanese squash) and cardamon soup
Parma ham, fennel salami
Truffle gouda
Fish carpaccio from Nagasaki
Semi-dry tomato and cacciocavallo cheese bruschetta
Organic fig, Roquefort and nuts salad

Homemade poached peach, meringues and reach milk ice cream
Lemon madeleine
+ 1 hot drink

Brunch set + 1 glass of champagne
5000 (Taxes incl)

Brunch set + free flow
10000 (Taxes incl)