apéro.のクリスマスメニュー - アペロ ワインバー / オーガニックワインxフランス家庭料理 - 東京都港区南青山3-4-6 / apéro WINEBAR - vins et petits plats français - 2016
apéro. Christmas Menu

apéro.'s Christmas Menu

available from 5th to 23rd of December.

a Farm-to-table tasting menu showcases the goodness of organically and locally sourced ingredients, combined with French flair and generosity.



Japanese truffle, pork, veal, pastry


Oyster, Apple, Radish, Lemon


Carotte, Sweet Potato, Olive oil



Hokkaido Duck, French Fries



Mirasaka Fromage



Chestnut, Citrus, Meringue


11,000JPY (tax incl.)

Wine pairing available from 8800JPY


Vegetarian option available upon request.


Tuesday to Saturday  from 18:00 LO 21:00

Saturday and National Holidays 12:00-16:00 (LO 14:00)

Closed on Sunday & Monday