Domaine Lafran Veyrolles - アペロ ワインバー / apéro WINEBAR - vins et petits plats français - Minami Aoyama Tokyo
Domaine Lafran Veyrolles
Ugni blanc
First year of production:

It consists of 10 hectares: 

     - 6 ha Mourvèdres 
     - 1 ha of Grenache 
     - 1 ha of cinsault 
     - 2 ha of Clairette, ugnis blanc and Carignan. 

Pruning is done in traditional cup. The fertilizers are natural to preserve the quality and are used alternately every two years. 

Weeding is mechanical. No chemicals are used. 

Green grapes are rigorously to leave minimum cluster. The topping is made late and minimized to leave all the food and comfort to the grapes.

the estate's wines are wines made ​​from a reasoned and careful cultivation. 

The fertilizers are natural. Weeding is mechanical. No chemical herbicide is used, only sulfur and copper are fighting against any disease, only when the need arises. 

Green grapes are rigorously. Late topping, moderate, to let the grapes as much food and comfort. 

The grapes are harvested by hand, and collected in small containers to keep the grapes all their intrinsic qualities to the finish in the cellar.