apéro. lunch

Saturday and National Holidays from 12:00 to 16:00 (LO 15:00)

We can open weekdays for private event, seminar...

Contact us for details and booking.

apéro. Seasonal Lunch Set is composed of delicious, fresh and organic ingredients bought directly from local farmers. 

Enjoy a large selection of assortments based on the season and the chef's inpiration of the moment. We are proud to work with such engaged and quality-driven producers and hope that apéro. wine bar too can make a difference. 

Come and relax thanks to our delicious, healthy lunch!


Mirasaka Fromage, Hiroshima.
Kyodogakusha, Hokkaido.
Fattoria Bio, Hokkaido.


Vegetables and Fruits

SHO Farm, Miura.

Le potager des cerfs, Nagano.

Shibakai, Tochigi.

Kikuchi, Chiba.

Muchachaen, Ehime.

Meat & Seafood
Yakumo Ranch, short horn beef, Hokkaido.

Ranch El Paso, Pork, Hokkaido.

Otis, Ham, Tokyo.
Olivier Silva, Salami, Hokkaido.


Le Potager des Cerfs, Nick Sikorski

Yakumo Ranch

Mirasaka Fromage


Fromagerie Sen


Wine Differently. ちょっと、乾杯。