LE BÉNÉFIQUE - アペロ ワインバー オーガニックワインxフランス家庭料理 - 東京都港区南青山3-4-6 / apéro WINEBAR - vins et petits plats français

LE BÉNÉFIQUE is, first of all, the experiment of an incredibly tasty and completely artisanal infusion. We collect the rarest plants, sometimes even endemic. At the very moment of its infusion in the hot water of your mug, its deep nature will reveal its most precious flavours to you. Taking care of yourself is a process going through a lot of little pleasures, sometimes even unnoticeable. Forget about what gets you apart from the world whether it’s time or space. With a simple sip and thanks to the purity of the infusion, you’ll be connected to nature and evade everywhere, especially where you would have never guessed you would travel.

「LE BÉNÉFIQUE(ル・ベネフィック)」は、野生の植物を1 本ずつ手でていねいに摘み取って、そのままの形で乾燥させたハーブティーです。