Domaine de Mucelle - アペロ ワインバー オーガニックワインxフランス家庭料理 - 東京都港区南青山3-4-6 / apéro WINEBAR - vins et petits plats français
Domaine de Mucelle
Frédéric Péricard
Jura - Savoie
Bottle's production:
less than 10,000

Domaine de Mucelle is located right next to the Swiss border, facing the magnificent Alps moutain range. The winery has an atmosphere all of its own, both as a family home, nestled on the lower plateau of the Crêt de la Neige Peak and surrounded by vines. A producer of some of the best wines in this part of the region where tradition and impeccable winemaking skills go hand in hand. Taking over the estate in 2005, Mr Péricard, the winemaker, inherited a vineyard in excellent condition with very old vines planted in the 50’s. Always working with respect towards nature, he converted the winery to organic agriculture some 10 years ago, willing to evolve in a totally sustainable environment producing excellent and healthy wines. The majority of the vines are planted on slopes which makes mechanisation difficult, therefore most of the work is done by hand including harvesting. The vinification is traditional, more commonly known as semi carbonic maceration, which lasts for 8 to 12 days depending on the appellation and the terroir. It is only the ageing process that differentiates the different ‘cuvées’. Each wine, and in fact each grape, is vinified in small sized tanks or barrels. Mr Péricard only makes single-varietal wines with a focus on traditional grapes like Chasselas, Pinot or Gamay.The wines are simply excellent and perfectly reflect their terroir, highly recommended!

Domaine de Mucelle - アペロ ワインバー / apéro WINEBAR - vins et petits plats français - Minami Aoyama Tokyo